Tamiya truck light set LXY-0086
Tamiya truck light set
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Tamiya truck light set


Tamiya truck light set

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Tamiya truck light set fits all Tamiya trucks.

Connection method :

Servo Blue plug is the channel of steering light, connected to the receiver steering channel.
Servo Red plug is the channel of brake/reverse lamps, connected to the receiver throttle channel.
The original RX CH2 electronic speed control is then inserted into the identification interface of the picture above.
(electronic speed control –ESC)
No logo color plug is the channel of headlamps, connected to the receiver CH3/CH4/CH5/CH6/CH7/CH8/CH9

Setting of dial switch on main board of lighting controller
“1”Brake and Reverse Lamps Reverse
“2” steering Reverse.

Lighting control is divided into four levels:

Trigger1:turn on the Fog lights ,the rear light is dimly bright, Trigger2:Low beam is on,Trigger3:High beam is on,Trigger4:all lights are OFF.
When switch channel stop at the up/down position ,Open/Close the hazard lights.
In any case ,quick switching the switch channel control, activate the headlights quick flash

Tamiya truck light set LXY-0086

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