Podwozie ciągnika Benz 8×8 RTR
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Podwozie ciągnika Benz 8×8 RTR


Podwozie ciągnika Benz 8×8 RTR

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The frame and many accessories are made of stainless steel. Equipped with 8×8 axles with planetary gear for maximum power! Included with  7.2V motor, 3-speed gearbox and servos for differential lock are already installed. The lifting axle drive will shutdown on lifting.

Remote and Light and sound are included, Battery is not included, model is painted or choose custom paint option. This beautiful model comes in a LXYRC transport case.

The truck is equipped with cabin. Mercedes Benz 8×8 hook lift truck, 1/5 star deceleration drive, 1/9 rear power shaft. All configuration pictures are included like hydraulic system, regulator, no additional purchase required.

Podwozie jest wyposażone w wiele drobnych detali i nadal nadaje się do trudnych zastosowań terenowych!

Fully assembled RTR chassis made of stainless steel with lockable axles with external planetary gear, motor, gear, servos lifting axle, Sound & lights and Flysky remote. Choose option truck paint you can choose your custom color.

Podwozie ciągnika 8×8


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